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HTML5 web apps

Cyber-Duck have a wealth of experience producing web apps that utilise HTML5 APIs, meaning your app is available to mobile user connected to the web. Using a responsive design you can ensure your web app will adapt to just about any mobile device, rather than being restricted to a select few platforms.

The benefit of the web app approach is that you can quickly launch your app without being subject to app store approval processes and your users don't need to download your app either.

Mobile apps

Native apps

For times when a web app is not suitable, for example where performance and ability to use native features of the mobile device (such as the camera, accelerometer or compass) are critical, then a native app is another viable solution.

We've designed, developed and deployed native applications for Apple iOS (supporting iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), Android and Blackberry platforms. Whilst web apps are easy to distribute thanks to the ubiquity of the web, native apps give you extra opportunity to be found and generate revenue within built in app stores.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are built using web technologies much like a web app, but are then wrapped in a platform-specific shell via a framework such as PhoneGap that allows it to be deployed and installed on devices like a native app. The benefit of this approach is the ability to easily deploy native apps to multiple platforms (such as iOS and Android) whilst only having to develop and maintain the codebase for a single app.

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