Your brand's DNA is at the forefront of all our creativity


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What is in a brand's DNA?

What makes one brand different from another? Branding isn't just about logos, colours and a tone of voice; it's both a spiritual mind-set and a tangible entity. A successful brand DNA successfully inspires your company ethos, as well as all user experiences and customer service interactions.


Award winning branding

At Cyber-Duck we pride ourselves on our track record of conceiving brand entities for government institutions, start-ups and FTSE-100 listed businesses alike. Our mission is to understand your objectives and help you to establish a strong and emotional brand that can evolve and inspire everyone.

Our process

We start our process by undertaking research into your business, industry, and competition whilst engaging with your customers. If required, we come up with a new name that is catchy and unique, while recommending typography, a writing style, iconography and colour palettes. The brand values then translates into your website design, copywriting, mobile apps and any other customer interface.

Inspirational user experience

At Cyber-Duck we work with you to produce an award-winning brand that evolves and tells a story from the very first impression. Brands created by Cyber-Duck inspire innovation, generate customer loyalty and help to revitalise the perception of your business and user experience. Go to our project page to get a quotation for a new branding project.