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Track your users across all touchpoints to better coordinate your digital products through targeted marketing

"Cyber-Duck is a champion of data-driven marketing. We believe in learning what’s relevant to your users so you can implement actionable strategies in your marketing campaigns.

To do that, our Certified Google Analytics professionals will implement a robust web analytics framework for you and your team."

- Harry Clark, Marketing Manager

Web Analytics

A robust web analytics framework is a vital contributor towards successful marketing in the digital age. That’s why Cyber-Duck has specialised in combining user experience with creative ideas to deliver data-driven marketing campaigns since 2005.

By integrating Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more with your website, we help you target your marketing to create meaningful engagement with your audiences. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we’re able to deliver high quality analytics for your business.

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Data-Driven Strategy

By immersing ourselves within your organisation, we learn what your mission, objectives and KPIs are. We use stakeholder interviews, user research and analytics audits to do this. It’s a process that has been accredited by three ISO standards, so you know you can rely on us.

Once we understand your business, we combine every aspect of Google Analytics, business intelligence and user testing data to inform our service. Our forensic web analytics audit will then produce actionable recommendations so you can improve your data collection strategies and, therefore, your marketing campaigns.

Harry and May working on keyword research on MacBooks

Web Analytics Implementation

Working as an extension of your team, we’ll craft a data-driven marketing strategy that meets your business objectives. We’ll translate your top-line business objectives into the metrics that matter for measurement and optimisation.

Then, our certified Google Analytics professionals will implement a robust web analytics framework for you. This can focus on a variety of tracking types, from destination goals and events to ecommerce.

Reviewing scattergraph of web traffic data on desktop

Google Tag Manager Integration

Demanding campaigns and web analytics frameworks integrate a huge wealth of Google Analytics, AdWords, retargeting or affiliate tracking scripts. Managing this used to be a marketer’s nightmare – too many tags would affect site speed and SEO, and would require developers to hard-code each update.

The solution? Google Tag Manager. Implementing GTM centralises all tracking by providing you with highly customisable tags and events. With these, you can track anything imaginable without affecting site performance. Our marketing experts specialise in this sophisticated tracking setup and reporting. Once deployed, no further developer time is needed, thereby streamlining contact with any in-house teams.

Andy implements Google Tag Manager

B2B Intelligence Data

We even integrate targeted Lead to Sales software on B2B clients' websites. This cutting-edge IP analysis tool identifies business web traffic and reveals their user journeys.

It also generates insights that help sales teams to personalise their email or telephone follow-ups with businesses. In turn, this boosts the speed and quality of leads your team can generate.

Sylvain demonstrating our Lead to Sales intelligent lead tracking software.

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Save time and money by optimising your analytics with Google Tag Manager

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