Cyber-Duck is known for creativity and innovation and to live up to that we’ve created a fun application for the social network giant Facebook.

Facebook applications are a key feature of the social network site, with over 500,000 active apps in existence, and 70% of users engaging with them on a monthly basis. The most popular apps are the ones that actively engage users.

Our app is called ‘Moustache My Mate’ and allows Facebook users to add what we think most modern men (and women?) are missing – a moustache. Once the app is loaded up, the user is invited to select a photo to add the ’tache’ to, and then position it in the most accurate way possible by resizing and rotating it to fit the photo. Once it’s perfectly lined up, the user can recommend the app to friends before previewing their masterpiece. They are now given the option of publishing it to their wall or of viewing a gallery of moustaches they’ve previously created.

We saw that there was a gap in the market for such an app and took it upon ourselves to fill it. It was important that we created their app using the latest AJAX technology instead of Flash to ensure that the app did not suffer from usability problems. Using AJAX will make the app much faster and easier to use.

Matt Gibson, Production and Marketing Director said, "The ‘Moustache My Mate’ app has been great fun for us to work on, and combines the talent and skill of our developers with the creativity of our online marketers and designers. We hope to promote the Cyber-Duck brand through the app and produce similar apps for our clients in the future."