Lots of news, events and editorial features in our Jubilee edition of the Cyber-Duck weekly, and we start with last night as Cyber-Duck’s event management team, The Digital Pond, successfully hosted another London based Meetup which featured the “Billion Dollar Man” and influential business development icon Kevin Allen. 

Kevin took to the stage to share some insight in how to create a successful business pitch and appeal to your audience’s hidden agenda. The event featured a great audience, charismatic guest speaker and a variety of free refreshments which when mixed together created a great atmosphere, making the night a huge success.

Marketing and New Business Team

The Cyber-Duck Marketing and New Business Team with Kevin Allen. 

In other event news, Cyber-Duck’s Production Director Matt Gibson and Front-End Developer Ramon Lapenta were  present at Digital Shoreditch this week. A number of the Cyber-Duck team have been attending the fortnight long event, however Matt and Ramon hosted a table top discussion on Adaptive Web Design which took part on Wednesday’s Brands day. The talk informed users about the benefits of Adaptive Web Design and why all new web projects should look to optimise their websites for a variety of devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile, which received some really positive feedback. Great work guys!

Digital Shoreditch 2012

Ramon and Matt spoke at Digital Shoreditch this year.


Following on from his Adaptive Web Design theme, Matt was also featured in Creative Match this week, providing an interesting insight in to why more businesses should seriously contemplate creating an adaptive website. The piece named “Adapt or die? Why more businesses should be taking the mobile web seriously” looks in to the growth of mobile web browsing and how adaptive and responsive web layouts have gained significant footing in the web development community.

Cyber-Duck Managing Director Danny Bluestone was also featured in PostDesk this week, a highly reputable tech focused portal for the web community. Danny’s article, titled “Software as a Service (SaaS) Tactics: Three strategic ways to succeed” provides some strategic and tactical tips on how to successfully market a SaaS application, going through the project plan, creating the prototype and finally going to market with your new product.

You may have already heard a bit about it, but last weekend Cyber-Duck hosted an internal hackathon event, dubbed QuackHack, which was a massive success. Over the weekend 12 members of the Cyber-Duck team came in to learn something new, improve their skills and create some awesome applications which we are looking to further develop for the benefit of the business.


We enjoyed building products in our Quack Hack.

The end result included an intuitive Business Intelligence Dashboard, a responsive Message Centre Errors Console and an interactive Kinect Gallery App. All team members were rewarded with a variety of Sonos sound systems, HD LED monitors, Arduino kits and extra holidays for their dedication to the cause.

That’s it this week folks! We’re off to rest and enjoy the Jubilee celebrations along with the rest of the UK. Enjoy your weekend.

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