Cyber-Duck are pleased to reveal we will be developing a brand new mobile app for Fitbug.

Fitbug is a pioneering product and website that allows you to take control of your health and lifestyle by aiding you in achieving your health and fitness goals. The website allows you to measure your physical activity daily, by providing you with a ‘Bug’ (a small device which you wear as you go about your day) which allows you to track your steps and calories burnt. You can then analyse the data on your Fitbug account online.

On top of that, Fitbug also provides you with dietary help and information as you can keep an online food diary which monitors the nutritional value of your meals as well as giving access to healthy eating plans, recipes and challenges. Cyber-Duck have been commissioned to design and develop an exciting new mobile version of their web based tool, hosted on The application will offer users an alternative way of accessing their Fitbug account, as well as easily documenting their diet through a mobile device.  

Danny Bluestone, Cyber-Duck Managing Director said: “I think it’s safe to say that the whole office is very excited about the prospect of working on the Fitbug project. The Fitbug project team have tried out the Bugs, and are busy competing to see who can amass the most steps. This is helping them to gain a better understanding of the service and product as a whole. We are delighted to be working with such a successful and prestigious client as Fitbug, and believe we are well equipped to deliver an extremely user friendly application.”

Cyber-Duck’s award winning user centred design process will be used to produce an engaging and highly pleasurable solution. The new mobile app is in the early stages of production and is due to be launched later on in the year.

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