It was almost two years ago that Cyber Duck launched the first website for renewable energy solutions expert, Greenworks Energy. Now the site has been given some TLC in the form of an exciting new revamp… 

The Challenge

Since its launch in May 2007, the Greenworks Energy website has been incredibly successful. The company has undergone rapid expansion, adding many new energy-saving products to its range which were not being showcased on the original website. In addition to this, Greenworks Energy was keen to bring the website into line with the latest company branding offline.

On top of this, Greenworks needed to show off to the suppliers they work with and provide technical downloads in an easy to use way to help customers find the right energy solution for them

The Solution

With the addition of so many new products to the Greenworks Energy line, it was necessary to create a new left-hand navigation to help cut down on unnecessary clutter and make it easier for users to find relevant information. The design team created quirky icons for each product, brightening up the left hand navigation whilst conveying the information clearly.

The interactive house flash animation was updated, not only to include new products available but also to incorporate the new colour coding system used in Greenworks Energy’s print materials.
New images and diagrams were added to back up new and detailed product information, which has been split into expandable spans to make it easier to digest.

The Outcome

The website is now far more in line with Greenworks Energy’s other branding. The site has kept its unique interactive house and bathroom which have proved so popular with users in the past and will continue to draw in users in the future.

On top of this, now all of the suppliers of various eco-friendly technologies and their technical information are under one roof making it easier than ever for people to find the right eco solution for their house or business.