Production Director Matt Gibson spoke to London’s Untangle the Web community last week about the delicate responsibility of managing designer-client relationships.

Regularly hosting events at London’s Google Campus has allowed Untangle the Web to foster a community of professionals and enthusiasts eager to learn more about the digital industry. On 23 September, our own Matt Gibson shared with their audience how designers can take more responsibility for the design process and better manage client relationships.

With a deck of his signature pop culture-laden slides, Matt walked the attentive crowd through what he considers the three key facets of improving their approach to clients: empathy, trust and communication. He shared many specific insights—earned from fine-tuning Cyber-Duck’s process over the years—to making relationships positive and productive for all parties involved.

Some key tips included clearly defining roles within a project early on, front-loading one-on-one interviews with clients to understand and manage their expectations, and being transparent throughout the design process by involving the client directly in research sessions, sketching workshops and prototyping.

If you missed the event and want to learn more, you can view slides for the talk below. Matt previously spoke at Untangle the Web about responsive web design.