Cyber-Duck is proud to be one of the main organisers behind the London edition of Startup Weekend this year. The ‘FashTech’ battle is the largest startup competition of its kind across the world. We are supporting with project management and promotion to the digital community. 

Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of passionate entrepreneurs, running over 400 events (in 100 countries!), over the last few years. Participants create business plans, build products, pitch and learn if their ideas could become reality – all in under 54 hours. These events teach the basics of conceiving, building and launching successful ventures. Last year, I was invited to speak at the London edition, and enjoyed judging the final coffee-fuelled pitches. So, I wanted us to become more involved with the fantastic events this summer.

The Fash Tech Battle

For 2015, Startup Weekend’s series of events are run under a ‘FashTech’ theme. This gives futurists, retailers and entrepreneurs alike the chance to look at fashion and design through a technology lens. They will explore how the internet of things (IoT), ‘wearables’ and the web/app economy can benefit from a fusion of fashion and technology.

We are excited to help lead the London 54-hour event, alongside five key organisers: including the Founder & CEO of Blooming Founders, Liu Li and Tzachi Davidovitch, COO at citysocializer. Over the weekend, mentors will guide the participants thorough the hurdles of creating a minimal viable product (MVP) plan, grounded on solid competitive advantage principles. Cyber-Duck’s expert user experience (UX) and marketing professionals will run a session that covers best practice for user-centred processes and products: preparing attendees for the conceive, design and build frenzy. The talk will also explain how lean and agile methodologies are key to smooth production and success. 

The event aims to bring together creatives, techies, business folk and fashion designers. Other cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Santo Domingo and Santa Cruz will host parallel Startup Weekends – so the heat will be on London! The best finalists will fly over to Poland on the 24th of October, and compete in front of a panel of judges.  

How to Attend

The event will take place at WeWork, on London’s picturesque South Bank: kicking off after work, on Friday the 18th and ending on Sunday, the 20th of September. Register to join us today – get ready to explore the future of design, fashion and tech!

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