At this year's Quack Hack, 'The Ponderos' created a new online portal that collates all the Cyber-Duck brand guidelines and document templates in one easily accessible location. The team designed a new website that will be a handy tool for the Ducks to access both internally and remotely.

The outline for this project was to create an online brand guideline and repository portal for Cyber-Duck so all staff can find templates for branded documents and understand our brand tone and voice better. A key objective was to ensure that ‘findability’ was at the core so that all templates could be found via a web interface as opposed to browsing through multiple folders. Another requirement was to make the interfaces device agnostic so that a staff member can find documents via any screen size.


This R&D project presented a great opportunity for Raj and Danny to work on tasks that are slightly outside of their day-to-day work. The “Ponderos” were able to take valuable lessons away as they were entering unfamiliar territory.

  • HTML - The language used to structure websites and web pages. 
  • CSS - The language that controls the layout and styling of webpages.

For this project, the code was written directly in Sublime text editor (Version 2).

How It Works

Users of Pondero will get in-depth guidance about the Cyber-Duck brand. The website will also allow the user to download branded document templates and understand Cyber-Duck’s typographical, colour palette, tone of voice and how to write for different mediums such as press releases, blog articles and social media.

For employees who work remotely and need to access the Cyber-Duck document templates, Pondero will provide an easy solution to download files from any location. Pondero was developed using responsive web design and so can be accessed from any device including tablets and mobile phones, making Cyber-Duck branding more available and manageable.

Presenting Pondero

Danny presents the Pondero project to the Ducks.


To expand the project, Raj is planning to introduce a CMS which allows any of the designers to easily update documents and edit details without going back to HTML code. We plan on dedicating more time into collating and updating the content as well as making continual improvements to the design and usability of the interface. Once finished, this will also be a powerful tool we could utilise to help manage our client branding projects.

This project was created as part of the Quack Hack Hackathon, whereby the team created 6 projects in the space of 32 hours.