Greenworks, a sustainable building solutions provider, has launched a new website this week with help from Cyber-Duck.

Who are Greenworks?

Developed by Jewson and its sister brands, Greenworks has grown to become the UK’s recognised authority and market expert in sustainable building products and solutions.

Greenworks provide in-depth advice and support on the range of sustainable building solutions available in the marketplace, including renewable energy products. As well as being an authoritative voice on the green agenda, they also offer unbiased training and consultancy.

A long and happy working relationship

Cyber-Duck have had a successful working relationship with Greenworks since 2007 when the first iteration of the Greenworks website was produced, initially as a micro-site. A newly revamped website was launched in 2009 and as the market for renewable technologies grew, so did the website. eventually got to the size where it needed a complete overhaul to continue providing the same level of user experience.

Search Engine Optimisation has been a large part of the on-going working relationship, with several top rankings being achieved for highly competitive industry terms. This led to around 80% of the 10,000 or so monthly visitors coming directly as a result of these efforts.

Cyber-Duck have also worked with Ashworth, Neville Lumb and Graham, all part of the Saint-Gobain group.

So what’s different from the old website?

Firstly Cyber-Duck set about re-designing the navigation system, which was previously product driven. The website now has a user friendly drop down menu, which enables more products to be found, and means fewer clicks for the user.

The new website offers information on an increased variety of sustainable building materials such as timber and insulation on top of the already popular sustainable technology section. In addition, Cyber-Duck have redesigned the interface so that it is easier to locate and download product brochures via the Greenworks Literature library.

Perhaps the most impressive of the new features is the newly created ‘Solution Builder’ which enables users to enter details about their home and what they want to achieve in terms of cost and efficiency, and receive information on the best sustainable solutions to help them achieve this.

Reaction to the new website

Cyber-Duck Production Director Matt Gibson, who was Project Manager, said “We’re really pleased with the new website. The whole team put a great deal of effort into delivering something very user friendly and visually appealing. I think it’s really going to help take Greenworks to the next level.”

Malcolm Gough, Market Director at Jewson, also had his say on the launch, stating: “We’ve worked with Cyber-Duck for many years now on a variety of projects, so we knew the standard of work to expect; as ever they delivered an engaging and aesthetically pleasing end result. We would like to thank the whole team for their individual contributions.”