Most importantly this week online marketing intern Siji injured his ankle in the company’s weekly 5-a-side football, which has sadly ended his Cyber-Duck (football) career. 

After using the iPad as a test in one of these meetings, we have discovered some benefits but some flaws too. Battery life can be an issue. There’s nothing quite like running out of battery halfway through a presentation! It’s also hard to copy certain files – is it worth taking this device to new business meetings? We're just not sure yet.

In the contrast to that, one of our potential clients is still using Windows XP on 800 x 600 in their office. We’re not sure why people are still using such low resolutions! Maybe it’s just because they just don’t need anything higher. Although only around 1% of users have this resolution according to W3Schools, designers still need to cater for these users in some circumstances. Its best to look at the user base of the site you are designing for and what types of resolutions they tend to use before you make any decisions.

A cool piece of news - we released a plugin this week for DotMailer. The plugin allows you to easily put a newsletter signup form on your Wordpress pages which then integrates with DotMailer. We also got our new company brochure through in the mail. We’re really happy with the results, and are looking forward to showing it off soon!