Welcome to another Friday. I bet you've missed us. Here's your weekly chance to keep up to date with the latest Cyber-Duck goings on.

Our own Khaled Weir has got his Google Analytics accreditation with a score of 92%. We're all so proud we could cry. We wanted to enter the incredible Wufoo API competition to win a 'freakin' battle axe' but unfortunately proceeded to find out that the competition is open to US residents only.

We are genuinely distraught as we have an incredible idea for it! So we're going to go ahead with the idea anyway. We'll keep you updated. Chrome to phone was released for Android. The app allows you to take what you are viewing on Google Chrome and view it on your mobile straight away. We now have a Flickr stream, on which we will be uploading our images as we take them of people in the office, events etc. If this sounds like something interesting you can see the latest ones here.

We’re working on a very cool project to create a Cyber-Duck interactive brochure for the iPad. We call it 'DuckPad' and we're aiming to complete it within 6 weeks. If you're interested, we're regularly updating a Tumblr blog on the progress.