Several of us paid a visit to FOWA (Future of Web Apps) in London to see various talks by some of the world’s most prominent figures in Web Apps.

Those talking included Naveed Anwar from PayPal, Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs, Ryan Carson of Carsonified, Mark DiCristina of MailChimp, Mike McDerment from FreshBooks and Ryan Singer from 37 Signals. We all gained some valuable insights from the many talks and will certainly be attending next year.

An incredible stat uncovered this week highlights the incredible surge in mobile web traffic. Search traffic from mobile (especially smartphones) has increased by 247% in the last year. At Cyber-Duck we have been recommending the creation of mobile friendly versions of all websites for some time now, and it’s becoming more and more business critical with every day that passes.

DuckPad was officially released to the world this week. To experience our web app as intended, please add it to your home screen; relaunching from here will open our website as an app, full screen. 

Industry News

Gillette launched a Twitter campaign to find out if the public likes beards. The zany campaign seems to play on the upcoming ‘Movember’ campaign whereby men all over the country are encouraged to grow a moustache in the month of November. The Gilette campaign involved a pair of Twins, one with a beard and one without. The winner will be the one with the most Twitter followers.

Facebook has had a flourish of announcements recently after its summer ‘lockdown’ period, where all development staff worked longer hours to get some big projects finished. Now, you can download all of the personal information you have put on Facebook including wall posts. They also announced the re-launch of the Groups feature to allow people to easily create sections of friends or family to send status updates, links or pictures to.

OLPC (one laptop per child), the organisation set up to ensure children all over the world have access to a computer, have announced that they intend to release a tablet. Concerns have been expressed, however as to why a child in the developing world would be best suited to a tablet rather than a laptop.

Good news - your PC will soon be booting in single-digit seconds, says Intel. This comes thanks to some breakthroughs in the technology behind the BIOS (basic input/output system), the first piece of code which runs when a computer starts up.

Last but not least in this epic weekly (the longest so far) comes the news that Danny was featured as the Alumni of the month for October on the Middlesex University website. This is great news for Danny and recognises some of his achievements so far, as well as featuring Cyber-Duck and one of our larger start-up projects of the moment,