Danny Bluestone, MD of Cyber-Duck attended Hertfordshire University’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Seminar this week.

We’ve come across some very interesting technology news, and thought we would share it with you along with other ‘goings-on’ in and out of the office.

Some great news hot off the press to begin with. We won 2 awards at the Communicators this week for the production of BoonSpace. The two awards were for Social/Networking (for the back end and functionality) and Visual Appeal (for the design), so this is great recognition for everyone involved in the project.

There’s also the rather geeky news that Google offices around the world will no longer be using Microsoft operating systems due to security concerns. Whether it’s a publicity stunt or a genuine concern; it’s certainly got them some press coverage.

Cyber-Duck Interaction Producer Paolo Cattaneo also managed to lay his hands on an iPad this week. No, he didn’t buy one but he did touch one in an Apple store. Rather selfishly he didn’t let anyone else in the shop have a go for a full half hour! It must be good.

We are really getting into the World Cup spirit this week too with everyone starting up their Fantasy World Cup teams with Metro online! That wraps up the weekly, let us know if you have found anything else we might be interested in.