Yesterday, Cyber-Duck’s MD Danny Bluestone attended Middlesex University’s 'Ramp Up for Business' event, which is part of their MODNet development fund.

The event provided the company with an excellent opportunity to meet with local business people, company directors, leading academics as well as colleagues from across London. The event’s guest speaker was due to be The Apprentice’s Karren Brady, but due to her cancellation, up stepped former Conservative Party politician Michael Portillo who spoke about our current fragile economy and described the benefits he had when he attended university, and compared it to financial hardships that many students are facing today.

Industry News

The new Windows Phone 7 went on sale today, and the new smartphone can boast features such as a new social media hub and you can also access your Zune Player and Xbox Live accounts. After some initial criticism, Microsoft's chief executive Steve Ballmer admitted that they "have a lot of work to do to get into the [mobile] game". The criticism has cited that there is no cut-and-paste feature, no multi-tasking and it does not support Flash, Silverlight or HTML5 (so unfortunately no video folks).

HTC have a new HD version of their popular HTC Desire smartphone now available to purchase in the UK. The main features of the new HTC Desire HD is a stunning new 4.3” screen, an overhauled Sense UI, and most importantly an 8MP camera that also records HD footage at 720p resolution. It’s also been a busy week at Apple, what with launching a sneak peek of OS X Lion, the 8th major release of their OS (operating system), a new Macbook Air and iLife ’11.

On top of that, Steve Jobs courted controversy whilst making a rare appearance on the company’s earnings call earlier this week. Jobs branded Google wrong for characterising Android as ‘open’, wrote off RIM’s ability to surpass iPhones sales, suggested that Apple may make a ’strategic acquisition‘ with its $50bn cash pile but won't be handing it back to shareholders. Probably most tellingly, Jobs criticised the introduction of 7” tablets to the market claiming that they will not succeed because they are too small; however it remains to be seen if Jobs keeps to his word what with the technology market being so unpredictable.