Cyber-Duck MD Danny Bluestone conducted a presentation on User Centred Design.

The one day event is designed for leading digital marketers who are looking to source new suppliers and improve their digital strategies. During his presentation Danny covered how brands are changing their approach to user centred design, in order to suit the ever changing ways in which people interact with the internet.

Figaro Digital Health Check

Cyber-Duck's Danny Bluestone at Figaro’s Autumn Digital Health check.

Cyber-Duck are also pleased to announce the acquisition of a new client: RockMelt. The main advantage of the new browser is that it is based on the cloud, and features a log in functionality. This means that you can access your Facebook feed, tweets, favourite services and your bookmarks wherever you are, and on any computer.

RockMelt also allows you to access live chat, track your favourite websites, view your favourite sites without leaving your current page, and faster search capabilities.