Predictably, football has been the main topic of conversation this week (along with the latest from Apple).

Half of Cyber-Duck have sometimes willingly been setting up their fantasy football teams this week. Some might say that not everyone has taken it seriously, but hey; who’s to say that Honduras won’t pull it out of the bag? We also got some really cool movie posters through based on the ducks – see them on our Facebook group.

Apple fans rejoiced (again) with the announcement of the new iPhone 4 at WWDC by Steve Jobs. It seems that everyone now wants one; even hard-core Blackberry fans (although they might not admit it). We received our office iPad and everyone has managed to get some enjoyment out of it, but we’re still not going to be buying our own individual ones just yet with the minimum £429 price tag.

Most have returned from Danny’s wedding in Tel Aviv, with tans (or burnt). We’ve heard all the stories; it seems a good time was had by all. Some more than others!!