A new client win and the launch of one of our latest projects were topics of discussion for the ducks this week.

Cyber-Duck have officially announced the win of a brand new client this week. RetireEasy will offer a web-based service aimed at giving retirees and soon to be retired users the ability to understand and take control of their finances in retirement. We have been commissioned to provide full digital agency services from branding, UX design right through to building the SaaS platform itself.

The ducks have also been busy with the launch of the new Far Horizons Website. The website allows users to book a variety of luxury safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, and showcases tour routes, a detailed description of the activities on each day and allows for customisation of tours. Cyber-Duck will continue to supply technical and online marketing support.

Industry News

A global trial of the internets new addressing system is being prepared for 8th June 2011. Global net brands such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook have all committed to taking part in the test, which is encouraging net firms to switch to IPv6 as addresses in the old scheme (IPv4) will run out by November 2011. ‘World IPv6 Day’ should leave the majority of web users unaffected.

A clip found on YouTube caught the attention of the office this week. “The Chase Film” features web favourites such as Facebook, Apple and Google, and is a viral video created by Intel, designed to demonstrate the multi-tasking potential provided by their new 2nd Generation Core™ i5 processor.

Microsoft has asked the US Patent and Trademark Office to reject Apples application to trademark the phrase “App Store”. Microsoft believe the term is too generic and competitors should be able to use it without fear of punishment by Apple. Apple submitted their application back in 2008, which has raised concerns over why Microsoft has only just taken action.

Google have announced they are set to drop the H.264 video codec support for Google chrome. Reasons for the move are “to make it consistent with the codecs already supported by the open Chromium project. Specifically supporting the WebM (VP8) and Theora video codecs”. The majority of YouTube videos (which Google owns) play through the H.264 codec, which would mean they need recoding when the changes come into effect in the next couple of months.

Samsung have showcased their new ‘flexy-screen’ media player. The pocket sized device has an OLED screen, which boasts a higher contrast than LCD, better viewing angles, lower power consumption and claims of it being “unbreakable”. The screen is also made only of plastic and has no glass protection. 

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