Another week goes by at Cyber-Duck - here are the highlights with you once again.

This week saw the launch of the iPhone app we created for our clients Wisteria. The app is a Tax Calculator which allows users to easily calculate how much tax is payable on their salary, VAT, capital gains, inheritance tax, and student loans in the UK. The app is available now and free to download at the iTunes store.

In the red corner we have Sole Traders, In the Blue Corner we have Ltd Companies. This week marks the launch of our latest web creation on behalf of our clients Wisteria Formations. The microsite uses a vintage boxing poster theme to explain the pros and cons of someone setting up a new company as a sole trader compared to a Ltd company.

Each week we try and find a topical and interesting viral to delight you with. This week the BP Spills Coffee video came to our attention. Posted to Youtube on the 9th of June this comedy video poking fun at BP’s handling of the catastrophic oil spill has already received 4,324,525 views.

And finally, as World Cup Fever grips the nation our office rivalry is getting increasingly intense with the lead constantly changing at the top of our Metro Fantasy Football table. Congratulations go to the ultra-competitive Matt who is currently top with 856 points, but hot on his tail is Sylvain with 804 points.