This week we were pleased to find out that Cyber-Duck had another award to add to our trophy cabinet.

We were bestowed with the honour for our work on, which was selected as an ‘official honouree’ for the category of employment at the 15th annual celebration of the awards. The website was deemed “beautiful to look at and interact with, and a testament to usability and functionality.”

Cyber-Duck can announce that we will be teaming up with our new client RetireEasy, to present at a seminar for Figaro Digital on UCD (User Centred Design). During the seminar, Danny will co-present with Richard Collinson, one of the founders of RetireEasy, on the background of the RetireEasy project and how the UCD process is being applied.

Tuesday bought with it the 21st birthday of Cyber-Duck’s accountant, Michael Steiner. The ducks presented Michael with cake and brownies, as well as Killzone 3 for the Playstation to feed his online gaming addiction. Once again the ducks would like to wish him a happy birthday!

Following on from last week, it was Harry who ended up the winner of the sweepstake in last weekends Grand National. Harry luckily picked Ballabriggs from the hat, and won himself a cool £50.

For all the people out there looking to rent a country, you can now do it by renting the country of Lichtenstein. We found that you can rent different areas of the country, which is primarily for film productions, which would cost you $70,000 a night. With a population of around 35,000, that means if the money was spread evenly, everyone in Lichtenstein would receive $2 every time it was rented out.


One of the many locations in Liechtenstein available for rent.

Rumours have been circulating this week that Facebook are planning to update their ad platform, so that their Facebook ads will appear outside their Facebook platform. The idea is that Facebook ads will receive increased exposure and clicks which could dramatically increase conversions for all users of the ad platform. The ads will be displayed on external blogs and websites; however it is not yet known when (or if) this is going to be implemented.

Google have announced the release of their panda update across all english language regions this week. Google Panda is an algorithmic update designed to help users find high quality websites, by penalising sites that are found guilty on content farming. Cyber-Duck will release a full article on this news soon.

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