Danny Bluestone and Andrew Millet from Cyber-Duck attended a WJR charity business breakfast this morning.

WJR is a charity that provides a lifeline to impoverished Jewish and Non Jewish communities in the former Soviet Union. Danny and Andrew contributed a generous donation on behalf of the Cyber-Duck team, and then saw Martin Sorrell, chairman of the WPP group, speak about the current state of the global economy and how digital technology fits in.

Martin was talking about how analysts predicted gloom for WPP with the ‘G’ word (Google) and then ‘R’ word (Recession). Despite this, WPP has prevailed and increasing May 2011 figures by 6% compared to the same month last year. Sir Martin also went on to state that the US is still the most important economy in the world and that President Obama is very much focusing his efforts on re-election and ‘kicking the can’ on key macro-economic issues.


This week has also seen the beginning of an exciting new R&D project; a Cyber-Duck business intelligence dashboard. The dashboard combines data from Google Analytics, Harvest, Highrise, Basecamp & Twitter to collate all vital Cyber-Duck data into one easy to access place. The dashboard is in the early stages of development, but we will eventually have it up on a big screen for all to see.

Industry News

It was leaked that Facebook may have a new project in the pipeline known as ‘Project Spartan’. The new project will reportedly provide a platform for games related and news reading apps to be accessed and will be available on iPhone and iPad via the mobile Safari web browser (as opposed to the app store). According to sources, the new feature is to be purely HTML5 based and aims to reach around 100 million users in the mobile market.

Adobe had to issue an emergency update to fix a critical bug in their Flash Player which hackers were already exploiting this week. Adobe also needed to nullify 13 new bugs and several old ones which they had not had the chance to previously rectify. The memory corruption vulnerability that was in the current Flash Player would allow hackers to take control of any affected system and steal Gmail account information.

Following last weeks attacks on the NHS website, hacking group LulzSec have been at it again, this time taking down the website of the CIA. The attack happened on the same day the group opened a telephone request line for fans to suggest potential hacking targets. The website was down for parts of Wednesday; however, the CIA did not confirm that they were victim of a cyber-attack.

Finally, the small Island of Jersey can now boast some of the fastest broadband connections in the world. A local landline provider has put 1Gb/s fibre optic connections into a new marina development, which means Jersey can access internet speeds available which are ten times faster than people in the rest of the UK.

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