This week marks the end of our stay in our Borehamwood Offices. Thanks Devonshire House, It’s been emotional.

After much anticipation, the time has finally come for the Ducks to migrate to a new pond in Elstree. Benefits of our new office (a grade 2 listed building) will include a dedicated IT and comms room, free staff and client parking, new VOIP/ISDN telecoms infrastructure, dedicated eye tracking lab, a chill-out lounge, eating area, two board rooms and more space to accommodate the ever expanding workforce – photos/video coming soon! Our new Elstree House office will also host the ‘Duckies Awards’ 2011 which takes place on the 10th September from 5pm.

Channel 5’s popular TV programme the Gadget Show were welcomed in to the Cyber-Duck offices this week. Presenter Ortis Deley became the star of Cyber-Duck’s Interactive Dracula Comic, which was one of their challenges. The episode is due to be aired on Channel 5 in the new season – we’ll be sure to keep you updated as to dates and times!

industry news

The big news coming out of Google this week is that they have struck a deal to acquire Motorola. Google co-founder and CEO Larry King said the move happened because of Motorola’s strength in Android Smartphones and devices and also because they are a “market leader in the home devices and video solutions business.”

The acquisition comes straight after Apple, Microsoft and a consortium of other companies, including Motorola, teamed up to purchase the now redundant Nortel’s patent portfolio for a record $4.5 billion in a move that could potentially damage Google in terms of future potential litigation. Larry King later stated that it will “enable us to better protect Android from anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple and other companies”.

The England riots are still in the news this week as two men from Cheshire were jailed for 4 years a piece for inciting disorder via social networking website Facebook. The two men created a page which specified a meeting place and time on the 9th August to begin rioting and looting near Northwich town centre. Since their sentencing the mothers of the two men have claimed they set up the page as a joke. This is an issue raised in an article we published this week on Chinwag about use of social media during the England riots.

The Chinese government have been full of praise for UK Prime Minister David Cameron this week with his plans to censor social networking websites at times when the government feels threatened. The news comes after the turmoil of last week’s rioting, which was instigated and encouraged via social networks. The Chinese government has backed these claims suggesting that “Western” countries are coming to realize that free speech cannot go unhindered on the internet. Since the announcement there have been online petitions to stop any move to censor social media channels, citing that the censorship of these services would harm businesses and hamper any efforts of people trying to prevent disorder or protect themselves.

Google have reported on their blog that they are set to start broadcasting images of Amazon River and its surrounding rainforest on their incredibly popular and frankly brilliant Streetview feature. Google’s latest project is part of their partnership with the Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS). The Google Earth team are currently out in the Amazon with FAS, whilst training them and the locals how to operate all their Streetview equipment.

Finally, the concise English Oxford Dictionary now includes 400 new words such as retweet, woot, sexting and cyberbullying. It appears social media and information technology has greatly influenced the English language and therefore claimed their place in the English dictionary.

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