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We push the boundaries of tech, UX and digital to make the world a better place

“A lot of agencies act creatively while working within the constraints of client briefs, but not every agency channels its efforts to improve its services through cutting-edge R&D.

That’s where Cyber-Duck is different. We champion research and development through investment. It enhances our creativity and technical skills while delivering exciting prototypes too.”

- Sylvain Reiter, Client Services Officer

Conversational User Interface Development

Voice assistants and conversational user interfaces are the next big thing in tech. A staggering 79% of users are satisfied with their voice assistant technology. They love both the speed and convenience of speaking to their devices and receiving answers quickly.

That’s why Cyber-Duck has specialised in this exciting new area. Building on the success of our UX glossary app, we developed an Amazon Alexa Skill for UX Companion. Get in touch to discuss how your brand can benefit from Voice UI and pioneer an Alexa Skill in your industry.

UX Comp Alexa featured

Introducing Jim.Care, our voice assistant proof of concept.

Internet of Things

Everywhere you look, the Internet of Things (IoT) is taking over. Cyber-Duck is a champion of innovation, and at our recent "Quack Hack" hackathons we’ve chosen to develop for the IoT extensively.

There’s our interactive logo in our Farringdon office for one. Users could interact with and change the lights in our logo. More excitingly, there was the Cyber-Duck Cuckoo Clock. Whenever Cyber-Duck received emails or Twitter notifications, we fed information through a Raspberry Pi and Arduino via an API to trigger the cuckoo of the clock and its LCD screen and flashing LED lights. If your company is exploring IoT or connected devices, please get in touch to discuss your project with our experts.

8 aaa

Our IoT Connected Cuckoo Clock.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality Development

The world of tomorrow doesn’t seem so far away when you have AR and VR on the digital scene. We can now create detailed worlds and bring digital realities into our own.

Last Christmas, we didn’t give you our hearts, but we did give our clients an augmented reality card. We developed the Christmas card in Aurasma. All users had to do was download an app and they could view our 3D snowman. If you have an idea or want to explore AR / VR concepts for your business, get in touch!

Christmas 2016 featured 2

Our 2016 AR Christmas Card.

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Danny Bluestone, Founder & CEO

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