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Research & Strategy Team

Distilling insights from evidence, to drive strategic change

Research & Strategy Service

If your digital products, platforms or services need finessing, we’re ready to help. First, we immerse ourselves in your organisation; then, we apply our certified research and design process.

You’ll discover where to improve your digital experiences, technology and insights. You’ll gain a fully rounded picture of your target audience’s behaviours and needs, confirmed by testing. And you’ll see how to make your business run more effectively, and deliver greater customer value.

We deliver work collaboratively, through regular workshops and design sprints. We can work with you remotely, using Zoom and co-design tools such as Miro and Mural.

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Meet our Research Specialists

We use a heuristic, quantitative and qualitative data analysis for user-centred design and technology discovery projects. Our interdisciplinary team includes:

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For over 15 years, we’ve transformed digital products and services. Think we could help? let’s talk - call Danny on +44 (0)208 953 0070 for an introductory chat.

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