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Today, marketing must be more than occasional campaigns and sporadic SEO improvements. Your business must aim to engage audiences in conversations that will bring value to your business: combining techniques from content and social media, to conversion optimisation.

Cyber-Duck has helped scores of clients define and refine a solid, ongoing marketing strategy that can lead them to commercial success.

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Growth Hacking

Our interdisciplinary team specialise in devising creative, holistic marketing strategies for clients across verticals. We do this using growth hacking: the innovative practice of creating initiatives that can grow your business in a cost-effective way, by delighting users and fulfilling their needs. This may involve creating viral website features, videos and gamification, or creative strategies for search engine marketing, social media or content.

All our campaigns are underpinned by an omnichannel approach. This ensures the user experience across touch points is seamless, integrated and consistent.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an integral part of all digital campaigns, resulting in great brand exposure, improved reach and higher search rankings. Compelling copy will convince customers that you’re the best out there. But, our campaigns go beyond seductive sentences alone. Our design team add eye-catching visuals that deliver: from video and animations, to photography and infographics. 

We developed a scalable content strategy for GSK’s MaxiNutrition website and mobile app, increasing conversions by 79% on mobile.

Promotion and Social Media

As seasoned marketers, we can help you distribute key content, selecting the digital channels that reach the people who matter, with messages they can’t ignore. Our growth hacking experts also use creative social media campaigns to reach out to your audience, and transform influencers into brand ambassadors: from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to Youtube, Pinterest and SnapChat.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a targeted, cost-effective route to market, as it focuses on the prospects who are actively looking for your services. As Google Accredited Partners, we can apply many years of intelligence from working on successful search campaigns to raise your profile for relevant keywords.

We’ve found a combined approach can secure the best results. Our experienced marketing team combine website optimisation with social media, content marketing, and paid search advertising.

We created a viral campaign for UX Companion: driving 43,300 downloads, with features in Product Hunt and Smashing Magazine.

Conversion Optimisation

Our data-driven focus on iterative improvements and user experience (UX) means your visitors are more likely to stay. We’ll agree KPIs together, and work towards increasing key metrics. As certified Google Analytics professionals, we can extract actionable recommendations from complex data. Using advanced segmentation, funnel visualisation, A/B and multivariate testing, we identify what works and improve campaigns to raise conversions.


We take analytics to the next level. Our Certified Google Analytics professionals fuse cohort, web analytics, and usability testing data to provide actionable recommendations.We even provide B2B clients with Lead to Sales software: a cutting-edge IP analysis tool, which tracks and analyses business intelligence data. Read more!

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Our interdisciplinary team can boost audience engagement, specialising in creative, holistic strategies. We would love to hear your ideas!

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