Paid Search (PPC)

Advanced targeted advertising on search engines

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Introduction to PPC

Cyber-Duck has a wide range of experience in creating, managing and running PPC campaigns for start-ups, medium size businesses and world-renowned international clients across a multitude of industries and niche verticals. At Cyber-Duck we work with you to create the most targeted and relevant campaigns, whilst remaining cost effective for your budget.

PPC research

Firstly, we understand your unique products, services, businesses processes, requirements and objectives. Based on keyword research, industry trends, competitor insights and your key differentiators we cleverly mould this logic into focused adverts. Further to this, we will also conduct extensive split testing on your campaigns which will help to reduce your cost whilst improving Click Through Rates (CTRs) and website conversions.

At Cyber-Duck we also believe in validated learning, which is why we use a variety of analytic tools, all set up with conversion tracking to ensure we record real business results and make analytics based decisions.

List of PPC services we offer

Cyber-Duck have a wealth of experience in creating and managing campaigns on the following platforms:

  • Google Adwords and Adsense
  • Microsoft AdCenter
  • Yahoo! Search Ads
  • Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

What PPC can help you achieve

Pay-per-click advertising has a variety of benefits which can all help to steer your online marketing campaign in the right direction. It is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website, as you now have the ability to target your customers based on exact search, location and even the type of device they use. PPC yields a lot of validated learning, determining whether you have selected the correct keywords for your SEO strategy. This allows you to make necessary adjustments to your search marketing campaign, based on real business data. 

Marketing Services

A holistic marketing strategy is a vital for effective digital engagement. Our experts have helped scores of clients refine this critical aspect of their business.

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