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Our data-driven marketing strategies ensure you distil and implement actionable insights from your web analytics

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Understanding users’ needs, desires and frustrations help marketing activities drive meaningful engagement. But that’s so much more than simply collecting data. You must define, track and analyse the metrics that matter to your business and use the insights to optimise campaigns, websites and more.

At Cyber-Duck, our Certified Google Analytics professionals devise and execute data-driven marketing campaigns that achieve business goals. We develop and distil insights from a robust web analytics framework. Integrating Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more, we fully customise everything for your business. 

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Data-Driven Strategy

Cyber-Duck is the only agency with a user-centred process that’s accredited by 3 international standards! First, we immerse ourselves in your organisation’s mission, objectives and KPIs through stakeholder interviews, user research and analytics audits.

Then, we turn to your current data framework and reporting. Our forensic web analytics audits offer actionable recommendations to clients. We combine every aspect of Google Analytics, business intelligence and user testing data. These can inform anything from user interface (UI) design recommendations, to potential content or campaign tactics. 


Together, we craft a data-driven marketing strategy. The top-line business objectives are translated into the metrics that matter for measurement and optimisation. Our certified Google Analytics professionals can implement a robust web analytics framework for you. We boost data insight via filters, dimensions and different types of tracking, from destination goals and events to ecommerce. 

Our integrated marketing campaign for the IMI Register drove a 55% increase in customer awareness.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Demanding campaigns and web analytics frameworks integrate a huge wealth of Google Analytics, AdWords, retargeting or affiliate tracking scripts. Managing this used to be a marketer’s nightmare – too many tags affect site speed, SEO and require developers to hard-code each update.

The solution? Google Tag Manager. Implementing GTM centralises all tracking, with highly customisable tags and events that allow you to track anything you can imagine without affecting performance. Our marketing experts specialise in this sophisticated tracking setup and reporting. Once deployed, no further developer time is needed – streamlining contact with any in-house teams. 


We even integrate targeted Lead to Sales software on B2B clients' websites. This cutting-edge IP analysis tool identifies business web traffic and reveals their user journeys. This generates insights that help sales teams personalise their email or telephone follow up with businesses. This boosts the speed and quality of leads your team can generate. 

Our data-driven strategy for CitizenSafe ensured they could compete with household names on GOV.UK.


Consistent data reports ensure every business decision is based on real user behaviour, spanning marketing, websites, products and more. You can’t get that from glancing through dry spreadsheets. 

In the right hands, data is beautiful. Our designers and marketers can automate data mining with R and produce visualisations with Tableau. Crunching analytics, contextual, competitor and historical data, this brings insights to light faster with actionable recommendations. We can even design and automate visual dashboards that constantly update. It's a powerful tracking and motivation tool!


Fusing scientific investigation with creativity, we use data to hypothesise and test specific website updates. CRO can fine-tune your landing pages in the pursuit of a higher conversion rate. These tests can cover copy, colour, CTA, images, navigation and more. We specialise in A/B, split and multivariate testing with leading software like Optimizely and VWO. A recent single test for an Ecommerce B2C client raised the conversion rate by 4.2% - generating £150,000 extra revenue. 

Data-Driven Performance

Our web analytics agency works as a passionate extension of your team. We wade through complex data sets to provide the insights your business needs to grow!

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