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Validated learning

All marketing needs to be based on validated learning to ensure you measure both marketing, functional interfaces and the user experience (UX) effectively. As a web analytics agency, Cyber-Duck will advise you on the most effective website analytics tools and help to implement all website tracking correctly so that you can measure the impact of all your marketing activities.

Google Analytics experts

We offer industry leading Google analytics consultancy services, helping you to extract actionable data by implementing funnel analysis, advanced segmentation, effective goal tracking, A/B analysis, surveys and other website performance analysis.

IP Analytics

Out expert team provides B2B clients with a bleeding-edge IP analysis tools that tracks business names by tracking fixed IP addresses the minute they visit your website. This data helps clients with lead generation and further improves their knowledge of how both specific customers and specific potential customers are interacting with their brand.

SEO analytics

Analytics SEO is a an SEO tool that provides SEO data that is critical to beating competitors. We are experts at utilising the tool to provide competitive site audits, Google rank comparisons over time, number of pages indexed in search engines, quality of links and deep link ratio, overall SEO score and more.

Social media monitoring

Our team have experience in setting up social media analytics tools to help monitor key influencers, trends, content interactions, themes and competitors. We are well versed at a variety of tools such as PeopleBrowsr that provide an excellent way to gauge how users are 'socially' interacting with your products or services.

Actionable analytics – the future of analytics

Our web analytics agency can take data to the next level. By fusing cohort and actionable web analytics with data from business intelligence (BI) and CRM sources, providing an even more accurate picture of business performance. 

Marketing Services

A holistic marketing strategy is a vital for effective digital engagement. Our experts have helped scores of clients refine this critical aspect of their business.

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