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Usability testing is an essential part of our user centred design process, we engage your real users in tests and studies to validate our designs.

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Website usability testing

At Cyber-Duck we conduct thorough user testing to ensure everything we produce has the best possible user experience for your target audience. Cyber-Duck has an ISO accredited (ISO 9241:210) user centred design (UCD) process, meaning we continually involve real users throughout the production.

We utilise a variety of user testing methods to suit any budget, location or timeline:

  • Eye tracking for desktop and mobile (see below)
  • Mouse and click analysis
  • User interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Remote user testing
  • A/B and split URL testing

Eye tracking

Cyber-Duck owns advanced eye tracking technology designed for portable and unobtrusive usability testing. Eye tracking enables us to see through the eyes of your user and see the story between interactions.

We carefully design each eye tracking test so that we can learn more about the usability of key parts of your product, from copywriting to navigational devices.
When combined with retrospective think aloud interviews with each user, we can gather critical insight that we translate into recommendations to improve the user experience of your website, software or app. For all forms of user testing, we can help to organise the most appropriate location and participants to take part.

Testing with real users enables Cyber-Duck to explore how we can improve the interaction design and information architecture to provide an optimal experience for your users.



Today, user experience design encourages meaningful engagement with users across channels. Find out more about our expertise.

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