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Develop powerful native apps from a single, easily maintainable codebase

With Google’s UI toolkit, we build native applications for iOS and Android devices which draw upon a single codebase. This streamlines the development process and helps maintain consistent branding across platforms.
Part of our technology implementation services

Part of our Technology Implementation services 

If you’re seeking robust, secure technology solutions long term, we have the experience you need. We combine strategic technical acumen with proven delivery, underpinned by agile methodology, certified process and constant R&D.

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How we help

Native application v2

Native application services

By leveraging the Flutter cross-platform development framework we can deliver a better app experience to users. Flutter may be new to the market but it is already extremely popular with over 2 million developers using it

There is a very active community which is closely supported by the core Flutter development team. Cyber-Duck has already taken advantage of the benefits that Flutter offers as we recently revamped our award-winning UX Companion app using the framework.

Flutter development services

Cyber-Duck has experience providing Flutter development services, despite its new entrance to the market. We’re ready to bring you the benefits:

  • Build and customise widgets from the library
  • Great accessibility support
  • Use hot reload to make changes and check rapidly
  • Leverage faster QA due to the single codebase
  • Ship features quickly with an expressive, flexible UI
  • Raise native performance with Dart’s native compilers
  • Communicate with remote APIs while leveraging local data caching
  • Access to several operating specific hardware services and APIs

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Technology projects are overseen by our technical experts Gareth Drew and Sylvain Reiter. If you need to upgrade to Drupal 9, Acquia Migrate simplifies the process by up to 50%. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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