David Jordan

Developer at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Drawing on his diverse background, David enjoys formulating technical solutions with creativity: specialising in ecommerce platforms like Magento.

David Jordan

Technical Expertise

David made a perilous journey from the wind-swept desolation of western Scotland to pursue his technical career as a Back End Developer at Cyber-Duck.

A hacker at heart, David enjoys formulating creative solutions to technical problems: writing the code to bring our designers’ vision to life. He specialises in ecommerce platforms such as Magento, but he’s happy to get stuck in – as long as there’s code somewhere along the line! Since joining us, he’s worked in the back-end of Node, Silverstripe, Wordpress, Laravel and specific legacy systems for a range of our clients.

Originally studying Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, David’s mathematical bent (and brief experience as a trader) put him in an ideal position to move into a technical role. He joined a local agency and developed the craft of programming and systems architecture, supplementing his strong theoretical understanding.


David has a secret (until now!) interest in railway signalling simulators.


David will try anything once, and often has! His two favourite things in the world are his dogs, but for an adrenaline rush nothing beats road rallying.

  • Hometown - Durham
  • Operating System - iOS
  • Favourite movie - War Games
  • Favourite food - Carbonara
  • Favourite TV Show - Road Wars
Outside the office, David is an avid gamer.

i Outside the office, David is an avid gamer.

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