Indira Reyes

Project Manager at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Indira is a skilled Project Manager, coordinating a variety of cross-channel projects.

Indira Reyes


Indira is the latest addition to our Project Management team. She thrives on creating effective plans to make goals happen. Her approach to Project Management is that you should plan for every eventuality. Just like a choreographer who plans a dance performance, Indira constructs her projects to even accommodate a last minute intervention from an audience member doing the chicken dance.

As a Project Manager, Indira coordinates and follows up on different project activities, making sure all events happen within agreed timelines. She plans and facilitates resources to ensure processes are efficiently applied. Although she began her career in an architecture school, she soon found herself working as a webmaster agent for online casino sites. She then served as an assistant for a high-level official in a diplomatic mission before coordinating construction and engineering activities at a corporate level.

Her interest in projects flourished, so she settled into the field of Organisational Psychology. Indira recently acquired an MSc in Project Management – now, she brings multidisciplinary teams together to achieve a common goal.


Indira loves to read and her Sunday mornings. She likes to spend her time in gardens, enjoying the sun and nature – though nothing can beat the beach!

Her hobbies include: CrossFit, yoga, dancing, art, exploring, hiking, mountain climbing and trying new things.

  • Hometown - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Operating System - Windows
  • Phone - Android
  • Favourite movie - Meet Joe Black
  • Favourite music - Anything with good lyrics
  • Favourite drink - Orange Juice
  • Favourite sport/team - CrossFit
  • Favourite TV Show - Friends, Hannibal, Mad Men

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