Prash Somaiya

Software Developer at Cyber-Duck Ltd

Prash applies his diverse range of technical skills to create and support web applications. He aims to build a seamless experience for clients and end-users. 

Prash  Somaiya

Technical Expertise

Prash has diverse expertise, from project management and consultancy to practical development. He began as a front-end developer, but his passion has slowly shifted towards back-end work. At Cyber-Duck, he is primarily a PHP developer. Laravel is his framework of choice!

Previously, he has worked on projects with a variety of companies, including the United Nations and The World Bank. He is a STEM ambassador and works with local schools to run events like Code Club. He loves getting kids more interested in careers exploring the latest technology. 

Although Prash was born in the UK, his origins are in India and East Africa. Having grown up on the North West coast of India, Prash is a fluent speaker of Gujarati and Hindi, as well as English. He is currently studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. 


Prash enjoys to travel the world. In the past year, he has visited Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Croatia, Ireland and Germany. A bit closer to home, he heads to Liverpool matches as much as possible!

  • Hometown - Southport, England
  • Operating System - Mac
  • Favourite movie - Shawshank Redemption
  • Favourite sport/team - Liverpool FC
  • Favourite TV Show - Friends
Prash added a splash of colour while organising a Holi event at university.

i Prash added a splash of colour while organising a Holi event at university.

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