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Valentine’s Day love from the Ducks

Roses are red, Violets are blue; here is some Valentine’s love from the Duck’s to you! Valentine’s is one of those national holidays that you’ll either love or hate. Here at Cyber-Duck we love it, and have come up with a quirky infographic showing off some of the lesser known facts about this holiday.

For example, are you one of the 3% of people who buys their pet a gift especially on Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you were one of 11,000 children conceived on this special day every year?

Find out more about how Valentine’s Day is perceived in the Twittersphere, who spends the most on gifts, and the countries that have been hit by cupid’s arrow (and those who have evaded it).

If you have any thoughts on the infographic or know of any other great statistics, then be sure to let us know using the comments box at the bottom of the page. Alternatively give cupid a helping hand by spreading the love with your friends and family via this infographic today.

Valentine's Day Infographic
Figure 1.1. Happy Valentine’s Day



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