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User Centred Design

User centred design

Cyber-Duck's certified user centred design (UCD) process is at the heart of user experience (UX) projects. Cyber-Duck’s UCD methodology is certified and accredited by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9241-210:2010 respectively. Our tried-and-tested processes yield superior UX and are flexible and sensitive to your requirements and customer goals. Read more about user centred design.

User experience optimisation

User experience consulting

Even the best marketing campaigns achieve very little if the user experience (UX) of your product is lacking. We utilise our ISO accredited User Centred Design (UCD) methodologies to iteratively analyse and improve the UX of your website or app, to achieve a delightful and pleasurable experience for your customers. Read more about UX consulting.

IT Security

IT security

IT and web security is incredibly important. We work with you to ensure that PCI/DSS, SSL, DPA and Safe Harbouring standards are met. We also test and harden products against DDOS, Hacking and SQL injections. We apply our security methodology to each project's own unique requirements.

Management consulting

Management consulting

Our senior consultants are experts at planning lean MVPs (minimum viable products), optimising business models. Our consultants work with start-ups to established businesses to improve cost effectiveness. Our team consists of trusted accountancy, legal, HR and business engineering partners.

Technical advice

Technical advice

Whether you need advice on how to implement a new back-end system or help planning an effective agile backlog, our consultants can assist your project at any time. We propose innovative solutions to critical technology challenges and can even manage the technical production through to quality assurance and completion.

Marketing & Analytics

Marketing & Analytics

We often support and advise in-house marketing teams when it comes to creating a cohesive and comprehensive online marketing strategy. We also advise on selecting, integrating and configuring the right analytics tracking solution to empower your marketing team.