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Responsive email design

Cyber-Duck help clients to plan, design, manage and code flexible email templates for eShots, eBlasts and email newsletters. As smartphones and tablets have exceeded desktop use in browsing the Internet, Cyber-Duck has become a leader in producing creative responsive email designs. A responsive email template will ‘adapt’ to mobile, portable and laptop screens leading the user to a responsive web design (RWD) or even mobile website design.

Email services Cyber-Duck specialises in

We help you to whitelist mailshots from the offsets by expertly configuring domain names and the mailing platform, Cyber-Duck has vast expertise setting up and integrating CRM solutions to help you manage, segment and maintain your email database. Once a solid CRM solution is in place, Cyber-Duck can setup Campaign Monitor or MailChimp (newsletter systems). Cyber-Duck then designs flexible email templates and landing page templates that are mobile friendly and scalable enough for your own marketing team to populate with fresh content.

Campaign Monitor and MailChimp

Cyber-Duck helps you choose the best platform for your project. All modern mailing platforms such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp include A/B (split testing) tools to help you choose the best responsive email layout, in-depth analytics with stats on ‘open and click’ rates and real-time analytics,. Cyber-Duck recommends, implements and manages the white listing of email domains to ensure your domain name enjoys high credibility

Custom email marketing solutions

This service from Cyber-Duck can be setup and managed via marketing retainer or we can simply work with you to create a single campaign. In either case you'll have unrestricted access to your campaign platform and detailed statistics. Alternatively, if you want email marketing help as a one off project, please go to our project page.