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Plan your social media strategy

Cyber-Duck's expert marketing strategists help to find creative ways to bring social media into your wider marketing mix. Anyone can setup a social media profile so why do I need a digital agency? To truly leverage the benefits of social media, it has to be integrated into your wider theming, campaigns and media giving your customers a voice. Furthermore, social media is an opportunity to identify early adopters and convert them into brand ambassadors. As a new and exciting channel, careful planning, monitoring and analysis are essential to success.

Social media

What Cyber-Duck specialise in

We help B2B oriented businesses to build relationships with communities by designing useful content, social apps, infographics and promotions on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. Cyber-Duck integrates tools such as Facebook's Graph API and Twitter's API empowering users with social connectivity across websites and mobile apps.

Creative social media marketing

As well as helping clients to plan and execute a strategy, Cyber-Duck produces ideas, which give real value to current and potential customers. To be truly effective, social media marketing has to be part of a wider marketing plan and include KPI measurements to help quantify the value of the influencers, media and discussions on your bottom line. If you require a marketing retainer for on-going social media work, go to our retainer page. If you want some social media help as a one off project, please go to our project page.