Understanding your business and customers


Services / User Experience / Research

Understanding your business

During our user experience (UX) research, we work with you to understand your business model and objectives. This is achieved by conducting stakeholder interviews, from interviewing the most senior management to the team interacting daily with customers. We do this individually to gather each stakeholder's personal expectations for the project.

Our stakeholder interviews have a variety of benefits, the primary being that we understand your vision and how the project will affect each stakeholder and ultimately the user experience.

In a wider context, it helps us to better understand your market and your competition. We also get a chance to know your team on a personal level, helping to build strong business relationships between both companies making the production process a smooth one.

Understanding your industry

Our UX researchers then work together with you to conduct ethnography sessions, participatory design, competitor analysis and online surveys to analyse your industry as a whole and create educated recommendations for the user experience of your project.

Market analysis

Real business research is the foundation for any company looking to embark on a new business venture or strategy. It provides your business with an updated perspective of how your market is performing and helps enlighten you on changes in your industry.

UX research doesn't stop here, we conduct user testing throughout the production to help inform our information architecture and interaction design.