Cyber-Duck has fused creative, technical, and marketing expertise under one roof since 2005. We approach all projects through a unique, ISO accredited process that encompasses lean thinking, user-centred design and agile development.

Our company values

Base key decisions on our long-term philosophy


Our company values

Follow our process to yield the right results


Our company values

Reduce waste in all shapes and forms


Our company values

Get quality right from the outset


Our company values

Communicate and design effectively


Our company values

Standardise and open source technology


Our company values

Grow leaders from within where possible


Our company values

Diversify and invest in teamwork and our people


Our company values

Respect suppliers, associates and partners


Our company values

Learn through self-reflection and improve


Our company values

Consider decisions carefully but act fast



Lean thinking drives our approach to business. Our professionals aim to create an engaging experience for users, across every type of digital project. We generate long-term return on investment for our clients, choosing efficient resources and solutions to reduce ‘waste’ in production.

This lean philosophy underpins our accredited process: from user-centred design with an agile mindset, to test-driven development. We work with you, like an extension of your own team. Blending strategy, creativity and technology, we can deliver world-class digital solutions. 

We are Cyber-Duck. Our mission: to boldly innovate, create and cultivate stellar user experiences across every touchpoint.

RESEARCH and planning

We work with clients to ensure their vision, objectives and requirements are backed by firm user rationale, before projects even begin. This ensures the user experience is at the heart of each project. 

Our user experience (UX) team conduct meticulous research to understand your specific audience. Combining qualitative and quantitative techniques, we create personas that capture user desires and needs. By working closely with stakeholders, we can build on your vision: defining the strategy and outlining the appropriate system architecture. We deliver a projected timeline that splits the project into deliverable sprints, sets SMART goals and establishes a roadmap for future improvements.


Our experts take a user-centred approach to all the creative challenges of our design projects. We apply a cross-channel mindset to encourage meaningful engagement with users, wherever they choose to interact with your brand.

We help you formulate the desired user experience, conceiving the identity, messaging, content strategy and interaction for each project, from design right through to final production. Constant collaboration between our design and development teams ensures high-quality technical delivery: working towards strict performance budgets that define the final speed or size of your website or app. Finally, our work is evaluated and re-iterated against the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we defined with your organisation’s stakeholders at the outset.


Since 2005, we have fused our user-centred design capabilities with agile project management frameworks, like Scrum. By taking a test driven development (TDD) approach, we can rapidly deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget.

Our expert developers build solutions that last, programming ‘issue prevention’ features and streamlining future maintenance. Development work is driven by collaborative sprints, with ongoing goal prioritisation and iterative improvements following feedback from real users.


Our Quality Assurance (QA) analysts define a unique testing strategy for each website or app. Under our customer-centric approach, we prefer to test with real users throughout the production lifecycle.

Launch is just the beginning. We are committed to lasting partnerships with clients, offering lifelong support on a flexible basis. Our digital projects are continuously optimised against performance metrics like speed, server load, and security. Based on user, marketing, and sales feedback, new features are bundled into monthly releases.

Our teams proactively engage with stakeholders to review project performance and return on investment against the KPIs and vision defined at the outset. Analysis is backed with real data: running A/B tests and reviewing analytics, as well as engaging with users in focus groups and usability studies. We can even explore future digital technologies for you, applying our creative R&D to deliver new solutions.

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