Brilliant customer experience, innovation, security, compliance. The hallmarks of successful financial services and FinTech companies. But with ever more products on the market and the FCA’s Consumer Duty on putting – and evidencing - good customer outcomes at the heart of regulated finance businesses’ activities putting greater pressure to deliver beyond profit, we’re here to help.

Our human-centred Service Design expertise is a critical starting point. We map your data, processes, technology and customer touchpoints to optimise experiences and increase efficiency. Then, our User Research experience lets us dig deep into diverse user needs, identifying where cultural and systems change should happen, and supporting you to embed it.

Our deep finance expertise takes us beyond our accessibility-focused UX and technical development expertise and accredited process. It incorporates best practice in data, AI, integrations and innovation in MiFID II, PSD2 and KYC/AML to deliver compliant, high-performing platforms. All improving customer experience, workforce efficiency and, ultimately, profits.

Healthcare and Pharma

As one of the most vital, highly-regulated sectors in the world, successful innovation in healthcare and pharma must strike an impeccable balance between brilliant usability and the strictest marketing, data and security compliance.

Our pioneering human-centred design approach combined with accredited, proven process has seen us deliver life-enhancing products and services that are firmly FDA-, EU-and WCAG-/ADA-compliant. Leveraging technology like AI and blockchain to explore electronic health records (EHRs), patient medication accessibility and HCP solutions and far more besides.

With data privacy and security paramount, our ISO 27001 accreditation, GDPR, OWASP and ITIL best practice, ensures robust data migration, API integration and EHR implementation. And our data and optimisation expertise has helped us bring multiple healthcare products to market with e-commerce solutions, CRM integrations and enterprise resource planning that both maximise ROI and compliance.

Government and Public Sector

Simple, secure and inclusive digital services aren’t easy to deliver. But our proven experience in WCAG, GDPR, GDS standards and GOV.UK hosting has seen us deliver award-winning projects for all types of organisations including Bank of England, Cabinet Office, European Commission, Sport England, Financial Ombudsman, Essex County Council and more besides.

We understand your strategic context. Our pioneering UX expertise and robust ISO-certified process has delivered successful Discoveries through to Service Assessments at alpha and beta. Going beyond accessibility standards and W3C guidelines, to meet the needs of diverse audiences.

Our experience in content strategy and website consolidation has seen us transform outdated content sprawling across multiple legacy sites into efficient, streamlined, secure, performant platforms, often Drupal, that make life better for content teams and end users.

We’re also registered on all major public sector and government procurement frameworks, so it’s easy to bring us on board as a sole or joint tender partner.

Technology and InfoSec

When you stand at the cutting edge, so should your digital presence. You need to attract and keep your customers with personalised messaging and secure, seamless experiences that leverage automation and AI. And we can help bring them to life.

Our deep experience in brand, design and UI design helps define and elevate your positioning, channels and messaging to attract more customers. Using data science to identify the metrics that matter, then wrap those insights into your solutions itself and to you marketing campaigns so it delivers impact. Our commitment to pioneering innovation helps us meet your need to demonstrate your state of the art credentials, whether that’s AI, blockchain or personalisation at scale.

Our experience with building cutting edge, complex web applications including Laravel, allow us to then integrate everything you need - from systems, third-party platforms, APIs and data - seamlessly. And our platform engineering capabilities mean we’re able to create the automated alerts and reporting that make monitoring performance easy. So you know your apps and sites are secure and can deliver long-term success.

Education and Learning

Education has seen huge strategic shifts in recent years, accelerated by the global pandemic. Students are now clients; expectations sky high. Team members need a smooth user experience. Hybrid learning is here to stay. Something education providers struggling with outdated, unwieldy, legacy technologies can find hard to deliver on. We’ve helped learning providers like the Royal College of Anaesthetists, University of Surrey, and College of Policing among many others do it. Improving efficiency and collaboration and driving the strategic digital and cultural transformation needed.

We take a Service Design thinking approach to deliver sustainable solutions driven. Ensuring everything we create meets the needs of diverse stakeholders, whether students, learners, academics, teachers, colleagues, media and government. Whether that’s a Learning Management Systems, back-office student management application, education tool or streamlined content platform.

WCAG is built in as standard, but also work to Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018 PSBAR, or HESA’s data collection directives. And with education and learning a deeply competitive marketplace, our Content Strategy and data optimisation capabilities help you build your profile to recruit learners, partners and colleagues alike.

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