Harnessing the power of AI integrations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology offers enormous scope for invention, innovation and user experience. Chatbots and conversational AI tools can enhance communication and connections with users, delivering highly accurate and personalised content.

AI technology can be used to both generate and consume content, offering benefits to both publishers and end users. We’re ready to help you harness the possibilities of AI and implement it in a way that suits your organisation and your users, by integrating AI features and functionality into your app or website. 

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Choosing the right AI technology for your needs

We take an agnostic approach to AI technology and will always select the most suitable tech stack for your organisation’s specific needs and circumstances. Our team can work with various AI technologies, including: 

  • SiteGPT: personalised chatbots which aggregate content on your website to answer users’ questions and search queries. 
  • OpenAI: API platform for creating technology-independent AI search or content generation features. We have experience integrating it be integrated with Drupal, Laravel, Silverstripe, Javascript and other technologies, making it a highly flexible and customisable option. 
  • Algolia Search: an intelligent, contextual search provider which uses AI to understand user intent and deliver accurate search results. 
  • Voice Assistants: we help you to create content that is accessible to a myriad of voice UI assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri and Hey Google. 
  • Microsoft Azure AI Services: we can build responsible AI solutions to identify and analyse content within images, or process entity recognition & sentiment analysis on your content. 

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Protecting security while integrating AI

Many organisations have concerns about security when it comes to introducing AI into their business operations. With careful planning and risk assessment, we can help you to navigate these concerns and risks and adopt AI as part of your website or application without compromising on data confidentiality, compliance, safety and security of your digital real estate.

We’ll work with you to create personalised AI and data processing policies tailored for the needs of your business.  

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