What does a service design agency do?

Our Service Design team crafts exceptional, inclusive digital experiences using a human-centred, holistic approach. Our approach focuses on understanding users through research to map seamless customer journeys.

With an interdisciplinary mindset, we bridge organisational silos and enhance processes, systems, and structures to create differentiated and enhanced customer and employee experiences.

From strategy to execution, we embed service design across your organisation beyond digital transformation. Our expertise shapes digital and informs physical ecosystems around your users' needs, engaging customers, empowering employees, and delivering business value.

As a leading service design agency, we’re the right partner for organisations looking for human-centred, results-driven digital services and wider transformation.

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Does your business need a service design agency?

There are many reasons you may need a service design partner: 

  • Your back-office isn’t up to scratch and aligned to deliver the full service
  • Teams aren't geared for rapid innovation, and you lack the right skillsets and culture in-house
  • You're undergoing an organisational change or targeting market expansion
  • External factors like regulations or sustainability targets demand change
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Our service design team can help: 

  • Map seamless cross-channel customer and user journeys
  • Craft exceptional digital experiences connecting with users
  • Bridge silos to unite teams around customer and user needs
  • Identify and redesign operational pain points
  • Develop digital ecosystems tailored to your business goals
  • Connect digital transformation to real business impact and value

Whether you need help executing pre-existing service design strategy or require an end-to-end plan, we're ready to collaborate as your service design agency. Our human-centred approach will engage users, empower employees, and drive results. 

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Discover our work

Creating a scalable customer journey framework, through human-centred service design, for inclusive products and services to be compliant with the FCA’s Consumer Duty.
59% Increase in operating profits to £476.4m (Jan – Dec 2023)
32% Increase in total income to £918.2m (Jan – Dec 2023)
99 Customer journeys mapped for 54 products & services
Cabinet Office: Remote Application
Pivoting our award-winning, inclusive Fast Stream Assessment Centre platform to a virtual experience
12 weeks to pivot to fully remote
63% improved outcomes for disabled candidates
120% improved outcomes for BAME candidates
Argid Technologies
Creating a future-proof product solution for a leading luggage delivery company, powered by service design, data management and continuous improvement
20+ brands Supported on a single web application
83% conversion improvement for First Luggage

    Talk to our Service Design experts today

    Our service design team are experienced across a range of sectors and clients. Talk to us about your goals and challenges and find out about our user-centred blueprint for service success.

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    Cyber-Duck's expertise has really shone through – from helping us define our website's purpose and developing user personas, to finding a way to distil all the content we have into a powerful and user-focused navigation. They guided and supported us every step of the way, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skill to the table.

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    How service design works with us

    Our E.V.I.D.E.N.C.E framework, underpinned by our ISO-accredited delivery approach, uncovers human-centred issues within your services, sets new inclusive, sustainable service standards, and helps bridge the gap between strategy and meaningful change.

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    Exploration & Vision

    We start by deeply understanding your organisation and service through research methods like surveys, interviews, and ethnography. By mapping interactions between customers, staff, systems and data, we understand how your service flows end-to-end. This results in an “as-is” service blueprint - a detailed visualisation of all the elements in play. Through this research, we also begin to ideate potential improvements, from small tweaks to full redesigns.

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    Ideation & Design

    Next, we rapidly prototype and iterate on the most promising service redesign opportunities uncovered during research. This could involve journey maps, walkthroughs, diagrams, or interactive prototypes to bring ideas to life. By continuously collaborating and sharing progress, we align on your future “to-be” service blueprint and desired customer experience.

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    Evolution & Navigation

    With the future vision defined, we plan execution by analysing gaps in workflows, data and technology. We build a roadmap of quick wins and larger initiatives and support change management across teams and culture. This may involve workshops, training and providing governance guidance.

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    Co-iteration & Embedding

    Finally, we become your implementation partner to build, launch and iterate on the new service. Our technology team delivers the new digital products, DevOps processes and ongoing optimisation. More than just implementation, we work closely with you to monitor and refine the service even after launch, ensuring it continues to meet your goals and the approach is embedded in your organisation’s culture and operations for future success and ongoing value-add.

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