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Digital strategy

Our digital strategies boost efficiency, engagement and innovation, transforming organisations for the future. We shape services and experiences that people love, driving sustainable growth through inclusive design, meaningful data, and purposeful technology — unlocking the potential of each, combined. The future favours the bold. Our pioneering approach to strategy and culture will propel you forward.

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Service design

Customer journey mapping helps us design exceptional services, connecting with people and empowering your organisation. Our service design process places human needs at the heart of every experience, driving engagement and efficiency, and using meaningful data and purposeful technology to craft personalised interactions. Our specialists work alongside you to create stakeholder alignment, empowering your teams with new strategies and processes.

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College of Policing
UX research, website consolidation and content strategy to create a single, user-friendly College website through a single interface for everyone in, and linked to policing
100 Google Lighthouse score for performance, accessibility and SEO at launch
96% Independent accessibility audit score against WCAG 2.1 AA
Sport England
Designing a new user experience to promote the Towards an Active Nation strategy
613% increase in traffic since launch
1000% increase in mobile traffic since launch
11,000 applications received for funding
Worcester Bosch
Supporting the complex, growing operational requirements of an entire Laravel ecosystem.
95% reduction in downtime
32% increased reliability
Creating a scalable customer journey framework, through human-centred service design, for inclusive products and services to be compliant with the FCA’s Consumer Duty.
59% Increase in operating profits to £476.4m (Jan – Dec 2023)
32% Increase in total income to £918.2m (Jan – Dec 2023)
99 Customer journeys mapped for 54 products & services
    Financial Ombudsman Service

    The research gives us a much richer understanding of who our users are, what they expect from us, and how we can best meet those needs. It's clear that CACI Digital Experience understand user experience and are passionate about helping other organisations get it right.

    Head of Digital Engagement, Financial Ombudsman Service

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    If you need to deliver life-enhancing transformation in your organisation’s culture and systems, our Digital Strategy & Service Design experts can help make it a reality.

    How we work

    Explore your service

    Before we can design solutions, we need to fully understand your goals. Our discovery process dives deep to explore your current digital ecosystem and customer journey(s). We identify pain points and uncover opportunities through stakeholder interviews, customer research, competitor analysis, and data review. This sets us up to strategise digital experiences that are tailored for your organisation and users. Our human-centred design approach guides you through clarifying your needs, challenges, and vision to inform strategic recommendations.

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    Establish your blueprint

    The right digital strategy aligns to your business objectives and maps out how to get there. Our strategists, designers and architects collaborate with you to define priorities, set measurable KPIs and OKRs, and craft a roadmap to bring your digital ambitions to life. Our strategic plans outline the key initiatives, channels, content, and capabilities to create a differentiated digital ecosystem for your brand. With an informed perspective on your customers, competition, and organisational landscape, we translate strategy into a service blueprint to drive your digital transformation forward with purpose.

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    Execute your strategy

    With a solid digital strategy in place, the real work begins. We have the cross-functional expertise to deliver end-to-end implementation that brings your digital experiences to market. Our Agile approach allows for continuous refinement and optimisation as we design, build, iterate, and support the digital products, platforms, and programs outlined in your strategy. Led by skilled strategists, designers, architects and engineers, our integrated teams seamlessly execute the critical initiatives on your roadmap to achieve your goals on time and on budget. Turning your digital strategy into reality.

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