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With the right technology strategy in place, you will ensure your organisation has strong processes and a robust and secure tech stack. Cyber-Duck is your proven technology strategy partner experienced partner, with technical acumen, ISO-accredited process and a commitment to research and innovation.

We can help you embed Lean and Agile methodology for continuous flexible product delivery, shift your platform to cloud hosting, provide continuous DevOps support, and introduce new technologies like voice, AI and automation. Whatever your requirements, we’ll work with you to plan and implement a strong, scalable and future-friendly technology strategy. We live and breathe the UK’s Government Digital Services (GDS) standards and implement OWASP, WCAG AA and GDPR compliance.

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How our Technology Strategy services work

Technical audits and process mapping

Technical audits and process mapping are a great way to start building a strong, secure technology strategy. By analysing your setup, you can spot opportunities to increase value, protect data and improve efficiency. We’ll analyse your tech stack and build a comprehensive picture of your setup, laying out what software, functionality and versions you use, so you know which improvements will have the most impact.

Process mapping captures each step and action in your process, illustrating how you work with your technology. It highlights wasted effort and checks your processes are compliant. We can map your process for security updates, usability and performance enhancements, plus functional requirements for managing content, governance, workflows, and testing and rollback procedures. You’ll quickly see where you can strengthen and streamline your approach.

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Building a picture of your technical setup

Our expert technologists apply ISO-certified process when carrying out technical audits and process mapping, capturing every element including:

  • Internal software and functionality
  • Software versions and patch status
  • Custom code and functionality
  • Third-party functionality, like payment processing
  • Any other external elements or interfaces

Your technical audit and process maps will inform your technical strategy, whether that’s for a new digital platform, or for your ongoing development. We can also advise on continuous integration, sprints and other aspects of Agile and DevOps approaches that can speed up getting code into production and deliver customer value faster.

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Building your tech stack

Choosing the right technology is a pivotal decision. We’ve handled all kinds of technical integrations for clients, and since we’re technology agnostic, we’ll work with you to find the best solutions to optimise customer experience and help you reach your business goals.

We’ll help you define your core technology architecture – your servers, security and process – then layer systems and infrastructure, including:

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