Providing secure, compliant hosting

Get the benefit of on-demand scalability with cloud hosting. We’re your certified partner with the experience to help you pick the best hosting service for your needs. We offer 24/7 hosting service and premium, lifelong support for corporate clients and government bodies requiring Priority 1 SLA and support.

Our technical team is accredited for ISO 27001, so you can be sure of the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all data shared with or processed by us. Cyber-Duck is also ISO 9001 and Cyber-Essential Plus certified, ICO registered and has implemented strong GDPR compliance systems for many clients.  

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Worcester Bosch
Supporting the complex, growing operational requirements of an entire Laravel ecosystem.
95% reduction in downtime
32% increased reliability

Choosing and optimising your hosting setup

Cloud hosting services are increasingly converging on services and implementation. At Cyber-Duck, we’ve used all three major players and GOV.UK PaaS for different projects hosting mission critical applications. We’re cloud agnostic and can help you select and configure the hosting service that best fits your needs. And if you have a preferred supplier, we can work with them. 

Once you have the right hosting service, you want to know you’re getting great value for money. Cloud hosting optimisation makes sure you have an appropriate amount of resource and spikes in use are enabled efficiently. We’ll ensure your software runs in a way that’s cost effective and resilient, while making use of the cloud’s elasticity and self-service provisioning.  

AWS icon

AWS - Amazon’s flexible, scalable cloud hosting


Microsoft Azure - Microsoft’s open, flexible cloud computing platform

google cloud

Google Cloud - Cloud computing services from Google

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GOV.UK - Cloud hosting for UK government services


Drupal Cloud – Specialist hosting from Acquia, optimised for Drupal sites 

Can our Hosting Consultancy specialists help you?

We carried out an entire reprovisioning in AWS and migration of Worcester Bosch’s entire Laravel ecosystem in just 3 months. Talk to us to find out what we could do for you.

Our hosting services

Lifelong hosting support

Cyber-Duck provides ongoing support services with an industry-leading SLA. We guarantee rapid response times in line with your needs. 

Our DevOps team offers 24-7 monitoring, ensuring your hosting platform remains up at all times. We script the infrastructure with Terraform, monitor versions for regular security patching and simulate disaster recovery scenarios for business continuity and performance optimisation.  

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AWS hosting

We’ve used AWS to host a data exchange portal for Cancer Research that has scaled to over 6,000 products with 15,000+ publications and additional datapoints for each item. 

We host Sport England’s website on AWS, with 24/7/365 support. We guarantee 99.99% uptime with no single point of failure. Its scalability was successfully tested with a spike of 2 million unique visitors for Sport England’s lockdown TV campaign launch.


Microsoft Azure hosting

We host and support The Commonwealth’s secure, scalable site on Microsoft Azure, with manned coverage in our network operations centre and robust process and proactive monitoring for incident management.

We’ve automated the deployment and patching for Cabot Financial’s Azure-hosted customer portal. We also develop and deploy the PHP web application using Microsoft Azure Pipelines.


Microsoft Azure Hosting

GOV.UK hosting

We have configured GOV.UK hosting for public sector clients including the Cabinet Office and College of Policing. We handle deployment, set up the deployment pipelines and provide ongoing support.

We use the open-source cloud application platform Cloud Foundry to develop and deploy enterprise cloud applications. We can also migrate existing applications into the GOV.UK PaaS. Contact us to find out more.

Gov UK Hosting

Acquia Drupal Cloud hosting 

For specialist Drupal hosting services, we recommend Acquia Cloud. It is fully optimised for performance and security.  Acquia Cloud’s automated patching services, for infrastructure and Drupal core and contributed modules, give you complete peace of mind.  

Acquia and Drupal cloud services

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