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All organisations that collect user data must comply with GDPR, the EU’s data privacy and security law and the proposed UK law planned to align with it. Many businesses view GDPR as restrictive, but we see it as a chance to strengthen businesses through user-centred design. We implement digital transformation that’s both fully compliant and user-centred. Our robust, accredited information security management approach protects even the most sensitive personal data. We start by auditing your data profile. A GDPR gap analysis reviews every data touchpoint, highlighting areas that need attention. Then we'll help you construct your data strategy. Our GDPR checklist is a good place to start in the lead up to a full audit.

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Our GDPR Checklist

Want to check how compliant your organisation is with current legislation? Download our GDPR audit today. 

Download our GDPR Checklist
GDPR Checklist

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We've helped large and complex organisations to achieve compliance with GDPR, and can do the same for you. Just get in touch to discuss your needs. 

Our GDPR compliance services

Blending UX with GDPR compliance

GDPR implementation can complicate your UX strategy, which is why we’ve developed Privacy by Design, our unique approach to data protection. Blending user-centred design and service design, it adds a compliance layer to your service blueprints that gives transparency across your customer interactions and data flows, then builds data protection into all your products and services. Our team will work with you to create GDPR-compliant designs, platforms and systems that continue driving engagement and inclusive, accessible user experiences. We can also introduce marketing automation services to your organisation that are secure, compliant and effective.

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GDPR implementation and training

From cookie consent to data processing, our expert team can work with you to implement the latest UK, EU and international privacy guidance into your sites, apps and services. Our team is experienced with complex data integrations. We can set up secure and compliant data collection, processing and storage, introduce automation for added security, and advise on data governance.

We can help you get GDPR compliant and navigate updates to privacy legislation. Our experts can also deliver in-depth training on the latest GDPR developments and equip your team with all the tools, process and best practice they need.

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