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Migrating from outdated servers to cloud hosting offers many fantastic benefits to your organisation, including greater flexibility, smoother website performance, better costs optimisation, improved security, and greater resilience through events such as periods of heavy load. Migrating to the cloud can also make your website or application more efficient, sustainable and scalable, providing a solid foundation for continued growth and evolution long into the future.

Every migration is unique, and each project calls for robust strategy and planning. We begin by fully assessing your existing infrastructure and codebase, then generating a roadmap for a smooth transition to the cloud. Our specialists are here to support you with: a complete refactoring and rebuild to get your website ready for cloud migration; a straightforward lift-and-shift; technical support for your in-house team, or a long-term DevOps and hosting partner to support continued excellent performance.  

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Worcester Bosch
Supporting the complex, growing operational requirements of an entire Laravel ecosystem.
95% reduction in downtime
32% increased reliability
Cabot Financial
Delivering ongoing support and digital transformation via a Laravel website and app, designed to minimise stress for vulnerable users
£40M Value of transactions made in first 4 years
20,000 Customers signed up in the first 12 months
20% Year-on-year growth in account signups

    Choosing the right cloud migration services for your needs

    Refactoring websites and applications can be an essential step to prepare your website or application for cloud migration, so your organisation can fully benefit from the flexibility, resilience and scalability of cloud-based features. As experts in web application technologies including Laravel, Drupal and many more, we’re experienced in carrying out complex refactoring projects that provide a high return on investment for our clients.

    As a cloud agnostic agency, we'll select a hosting setup to best suit your organisational needs, optimising for resilience and cost-effectiveness. We’re highly experienced in many cloud technologies including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Acquia Drupal cloud hosting, Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the use of Kubernetes and container-based hosting, such as Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). We also support clients on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Acquia Drupal cloud.

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    Executing the cloud migration

    Once we have an agreed plan, we'll execute the migration with minimal to no downtime. We use Infrastructure as Code to automate the provisioning of the new cloud setup, which speeds up iterations and disaster recovery simulations.

    We will also build or update continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to automate the deployment of your applications. Once our quality, accessibility, security and compliance tests are completed, we will process the final data migration and DNS switchover for a seamless transition.

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