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Content is critical for user experience and communication with your users. It needs to be engaging, accessible, timely and relevant and optimised for every channel.  But this can get lost on complex, content-heavy websites with many pages, or spread across multiple content platforms. That’s why a robust content strategy is vital for any website redesign, consolidation or migration project.

Our unique UX Content Framework (UXCF) provides the foundation for creating, delivering and maintaining meaningful, user-centred and sustainable content strategy.  It’s driven by how your team needs to manage content, what content your end-users need, what content you have (or don’t have), and SEO performance.  Our multifunctional teams marry data, human insights, and multiple ISO-accredited process to deliver inclusive, user-centric content and websites.

Using Cyber-Duck's Micro-Moments Wheel to plan the UX Content Strategy

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College of Policing
UX research, website consolidation and content strategy to create a single, user-friendly College website through a single interface for everyone in, and linked to policing
100 Google Lighthouse score for performance, accessibility and SEO at launch
96% Independent accessibility audit score against WCAG 2.1 AA

Our content strategy services

Content audits

Our content audits help you make informed design decisions within complex websites. We assess every piece of content across your entire site or service. Audits show what performs best, what needs repurposing, and where there are content gaps. It also includes pages that are statutory requirements. Audits often run in parallel to SEO audits and data audits.

They can analyse tens of thousands of pages and different data types to show where best to streamline. The results see your users get to the information they need fast, And it's easier, cheaper and lower carbon to maintain. We rationalised 4,500 web pages and 20,000 PDFs for the Bank of England's streamlined site and over a million words of critical content for best practice policing guidance for the College of Policing.

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Content mapping

Once the content audit is complete, you can map content to your user stories. User stories define what a user is trying to do at each step in their journey. 

This creates your initial site map to get the right content to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, in a way that’s accessible, efficient and inclusive and helps them achieve their goals. This content map is a key piece of your information architecture.

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Whether building a new platform or consolidating a complex digital ecosystem, our user-centred Content Strategy experts are ready to support you.

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CACI Digital Experience’s user-centric approach has produced a new content architecture that is much leaner; user journeys are now designed around our key audiences and supported by beautiful templates. The team is always professional, yet friendly and approachable, which made the project enjoyable.

Bank of England

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