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For our website consolidation projects, we use Agile, cross-functional teams made up of strategists, delivery managers, designers, and developers on our side, and Product Owners and subject matter experts (SMEs) on the client side. Bringing together multiple websites onto a single platform can be as much about stakeholder collaboration as it is technical design and development. Our focus on human needs and relationships ensures a level of clarity and the high quality clients expect. As a result, our web consolidation projects like for Sport England have won numerous, sought-after awards including BIMA and The Drum’s DADI Awards.

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Our website consolidation work

College of Policing
UX research, website consolidation and content strategy to create a single, user-friendly College website through a single interface for everyone in, and linked to policing
100 Google Lighthouse score for performance, accessibility and SEO at launch
96% Independent accessibility audit score against WCAG 2.1 AA
Consolidating 12 websites to create an accessible, user-friendly platform that will help residents with their housing needs.
Sport England
Designing a new user experience to promote the Towards an Active Nation strategy
613% increase in traffic since launch
1000% increase in mobile traffic since launch
11,000 applications received for funding
    Logo for College of Policing

    CACI Digital Experience's expertise and advise was invaluable to transform multiple services into a single website solution for the College of Policing. Being always on hand to offer support together with their understanding of the very specific requirements of Policing was very impressive.

    Jayen Parmar, Deputy Head of DDaT, College of Policing

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    What you can expect

    Operational efficiency

    Reduce costs, streamline website management and maintenance, and increase User Experience.

    Merging websites provides:

    • Reduced technical maintenance, such as security patches, QA testing, and website upgrades
    • Reduced tech supplier management and costs, as well as multi-systems training
    • Single, streamlined control and access to content management systems and data
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    Brand consistency

    Level up your online presence with a clear and consistent message that aligns with your core values, brand promise, and User Experience.

    • Eliminate siloed marketing campaigns and consolidate your messaging and content strategy
    • Reduce the amount of content and pages for a quicker increase in the benefits to search engine performance
    • Reduce on-page content maintenance and focus more user stories
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    Future proofing

    Harness change and transform legacy infrastructures and practices for the future. A website consolidation strategy understands:

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