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Our multi-disciplinary, collaborative teams bring together UX service design, business analysts, visual design and technical experts to deliver holistic, user-centred and accessible end-to-end solutions such as Web Applications, Software as a Service (SaaS), Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) and bespoke digital platforms.

Balancing user needs with business goals and technical feasibility, we’re a product design and development agency that can deliver products that bring high value to both users and to your organisation.

Four members of the Cyber-Duck team having a discussion about product design. They have sheets of notes and post-its taped on the wall in front of them.
Compare the Market
UX strategy and design to improve the remortgaging product iteratively
80% of users completed remortgage calculator
60+ hours of user interviews
200+ hours of qualitative research
Worcester Bosch
Supporting the complex, growing operational requirements of an entire Laravel ecosystem.
95% reduction in downtime
32% increased reliability
Building user-centred Laravel websites with custom imagery, creating a seamless experience across online and offline channels
5 weeks from kick off to launch
27% increase in the proportion of mobile visits
5,000 downloads of their technical guids
Cabot Financial
Delivering ongoing support and digital transformation via a Laravel website and app, designed to minimise stress for vulnerable users
£40M Value of transactions made in first 4 years
20,000 Customers signed up in the first 12 months
20% Year-on-year growth in account signups

    Creating human-centred products and experiences

    We believe the key to successful product design and development is aligned and motivated stakeholders who work effectively to understand all facets of the strategy, goals, user needs and business objectives. That’s why we always begin by getting to know the unique needs and challenges of both your users and your organisation.

    Our in-depth user research, service blueprinting and information architecture are foundational aspects for the product development. Then we iteratively design and develop outstanding user-centred products that answer their needs and make a real impact in people’s lives, while also helping to fulfil your business goals. We pride ourselves in understanding your brand, people, users, data and workflows to deliver the best possible customer (CX) and employee (EX) experience. 

    UX Designer, Chris, working on user-centred designs at a computer.

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    Holistically connecting data, tech and product design

    As a tech-agnostic digital product design and development agency, we don’t believe there’s a “one size fits all” approach. Our technology research and technical strategy approach gives clarity on where to focus both the technical architect and innovation and how to use the best methodologies, delivery frameworks, data strategies and technology to suit your project’s unique requirements.

    We connect the dots between data, technology, and design to keep you ahead of the competition and ensure your team is empowered to maintain your app in the most cost effective way. We do this by leveraging the right type of architecture such as iPaaS (integration platform as a service) that leverages micro-services or decoupled technology, so that each part of the system or API is integrated in the best possible way.

    A member of the Cyber-Duck team mapping out ideas on a whiteboard.

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